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Estudio para pandereta

"San Juan de la Cruz speaks in his couplets of an 'understand not understanding'.I leave home with Tirso and a tambourine. We seek an ecstasy of great contemplation, imitating the singing of certain birds, but we have no idea what those sounds we emit mean. We begin a journey that closes inwards. Just doing and saying from an iPad, a tambourine and some verses with us. We make ours the maxim of San Juan de la Cruz in Ascent to Mount Carmel where it says that 'To come to what you are not, you must go where you are not'.

In the autumn-winter of 2017 we started this work that relates dance and music with an incarnated mystic will. We consider the movement as a wandering around places with the intention that those signs that we emit are marked and transformed by the external accidents of the journey, sometimes intimate and other abrupt and invasive.

Tomàs Aragay
choreographs: Sofia Asencio
Creation and interpretation: Tirso Orive and Sofía Asencio
Art and design: Beatriz Lobo
Production: Imma Bové
Communication and distribution: Tomàs Aragay

Spectacle coproduced by Antic Teatre - Sismògraf - Fira Mediterrània

In collaboration with Ajuntament de Bàscara


CONTRAKANT is a research process against the idea of space from the Kantian´s a prioristic concepts.A work in process that will be premiered at the Mercat de les Flors in the 2019-20 season.

Components of the research: Jaime Vallaure, Tamara Ascanio, Sofia Asencio and Tomas Aragay


It is an experiment between kaos and order. Obviously the experience is not safe and is very complex, it could be summarized as "if you want silence you have to work it out," or "do what you want." This takeover is not easy. One from birth is linked to their circumstances and dependent on others to get things as vital as food or heat. We (SDA) also depend on the public theaters and governments to run our projects. This is a social interdependence, but neither the public nor the theaters or the governament become our bosses. The problem is that the government is made to command, to manage and govern our actions. Art is an homogeneous space to experiment or play with certain states, certain assumptions. We would like to take this piece to the spirit of live-art, where experimentation is the essential fact, not as an act but as an aesthetic fact, the act of going to theater. The public has the word, the noise and the silence. Each one is responsible. By the sound it will be clearthat the absence of sound and the absence of action is also a choice.

Direction: Sofia Asencio
Dramaturgy: Tomàs Aragay
choreographs: Sofia Asencio
Creation and interpretation: Semolina Tomic
Scenic space and lighting: CUBE
Sound technician: Marc Navarro
Production: Imma Bové
Communication and distribution: Tomàs Aragay

Spectacle coproduced by festival TNT - Terrassa Noves Tendències

In collaboration with Ajuntament de Bàscara and Antic Teatre

Y los huesos hablaron


The work "Y los huesos hablaron "1 comes form the willingness to unearth and revisiting two historical con icts that its narrators have wanted to keep invisible on behalf of an alleged stability that had to allow a new socio-political and cultural situation to be born.
It will cope with such hidden con icts that despite the e orts of the society and the establishment to keep them invisible remain at the base of most political and social tensions in both countries today.
The cases of Spain and its civil war, with all the disappeared still to be exhume and recognize in the gutters of the country, and Mexico, with the long process of elimination and castration of the various indigenous cultures that were disappearing after a new single, unitary country called Mexico.
Bounds will talk to the audience. The voice of thouse who never had the voice to explain it's history, or the other site of History.
This piece is the result of an investigations process called; "El desenterrador2" that Societat Doctor Alonso have been developing the last two years.


Societat Doctor Alonso and Teatro de Babel
Sofía Asencio and Aurora Cano
Tomàs Aragay and Camila Villegas
Creation and interpretation
Nilo Gallego, Hipólito Patón, Ramon Giró and Lluc Baños
Special guest
René Pacheco (Associació per la Recuperació de la Memòria Històrica)
Lluc Baños
Societat Doctor Alonso
Ivo Vinuesa
Lighting Design
Sound design/concept
Nilo Gallego, Ernesto Anaya
Conceptual and philosophical advisors
Jordi Claramonte and Nicolás Alvarado
Imma Bové and Mariana Tejeda
Communication and distribution
Maja Cecuk / Societat Doctor Alonso (Spain) and Teatro de Babel (Mexico)

Andrei Rublev, a paniconografy

This work wants to generate a repertoire of iconographies of the human body, and at the same time to work with the sound and the scenery like symbols of the scenery. Andrei Rublev takes as a starting point and a title the movie of Andrei Tarkovsky rolled in 1966, where the painter iconoclast Andrei Rublev (1360 - 1427) realizes a long trip in the medieval Russia to paint the fresh air of the cathedral of the Asunción of the Kremlin. The work of the singular painter, with its only iconographic style, provokes in the spectator an impact and interior withdrawal due to the use of the inverted perspective, which speaks to us about the art not like a portrait of the reality but like a reality between the realities.

Artistic team

Direction: Tomas Aragay

Dramaturgy: Sofía Asencio and Tomas Aragay 

choreographs: Sofia Asencio

Creation and interpretation: Sofia Asencio and Nazario Díaz

Scenic space and lighting: CUBE. SZ

Production: Imma Bobé

Spectacle coproduced by festival Temporada Alta and Alt Festival of Vigo.

Societat Doctor Alonso receives grants from ICEC  and the INAEM.

On Beauty

A group of eight, nameless people, accompanied by the piano of Agustí Fernández; in a delicate, silent and fragile work, occupy the stage with their time-worn bodies, with gestures and gazes, filled with the beauty granted by the passage of time.

A piece where music and action seek out the beauty hidden behind silence, a beauty free from virtuosity.

Original idea and director: Tomàs Aragay
Musical composition and performance: Agustí Fernández
Assistant Director: Sofia Asencio
Performance and creation: Agustí Álvarez, Salvador Buisan, Ubelsa Gutiérrez , Joan Muntaner, Gloria Virginia Pantoja,
Josep Rodríguez, Neus Solé
Stage design and lighting: CUBE
Sound Technician: Ferran Conangla
Wardrobe: Societat Doctor Alonso
Assistant Producer: Marga Socies
Executive production and management: Estefania Benages

Co-produced by Théâtre Archipel de Perpignan and the Barcelona Grec Summer Festival and Societat Doctor Alonso
With the participation of the Free Theatre Foundation -Barcelona Public Theatre

The undergravedigger


This is a research project around body and words.
An investigation carried out by a multidisciplinary team, which will be implemented in a number of residences and workshops in different parts of Spain and South America.
Ending the process in the creation and premiere of stage piece.

"THE UNDERGRAVERDIGGER" wants to look at the words, its corpología and its relation to the body and action.

As the name suggests we will undergrave words in a real and figurative sense. That is, we will work with obsolete words, words whose meaning has changed and taboo words.

The corpología of words is that property which have not only to create and point the physical world, but to generate an ethical world, political system and social order.

This project focus into the close and changing relationship that occurs between words and their use, and the actions that flow from them.
A two directions relationship that gives meaning and body to our way of inhabiting the world.

In these times when it seems that the language tends to a simplification, to sintetize (via technology) and a certain globalization we want to stop and watch this process carefully to observe and try to understand these processes and their impact on our bodies and our acts.

 El Desenterrador site(spanish)

A project that will be developed during 2013/14 in three distinct phases. First collection of words about the need to investigate. In a second stage the meetings, workshops, in different contexts, to investigate and generate plots of body and verbal speech. Finally the creation of a performance piece to collect and share with the public all the materials captured and created throughout this work process.

This project will be developed with: Jordi Claramonte, Jaime Conde Zalazar, Barbara Sanchez and Silvia Zayas.


Nature and its tremor


Nature and its tremor is a mechanism of scenic intervention in the public space where with the tools of theatre,  theatrical machinery and cinema, and taking part directly on public space and reality, wants to wake up in the viewer possibilities of perception that do him look and comprise reality in a diferent way.


introduction to introduction


What moves the tissue?
The air / the fan
What moves the tissue?
The fan / the music
And that moves air?
The tissue?
Who moves Nina Simone? ...
What moves the fan?
The ir / the tissue
Who moves the tissue?
The fan / Electricity
What moves the air?
The tissue? / Your hair / the fan / Nina Simone / The tissue
What moves you?
The air / the fan
Who moves the fan?
The theater (...) / The tissue / Electricity
What moves the Theatre (...)?
The fan / Electricity / The audience? / The tissue / The air / Your eyes
Who moves the tissue?
The fan / Your eyes / The air
What moves the tissue?
The air
Who moves the tissue?
The fan / My eyelashes
What it move?
The scarf / The air / The hands
What moves the hands?
Electricity / the sound
What moves the sound?
The tissue / Nina Simone

Introduction to the introduction
director: Tomàs Aragay
creation and performance: Sofia Asencio
scenographie and ligthing: CUBE. bz
production: Imma Bobé

*photography : Maria de la Camara, Urska Boljkovac

With the collaboration of :
BUNKER, Liubliana
Agora de la danse, Montreal
Teatro Pradillo, Madrid

With the support of the Generalitat of Catalunya and the INAEM.



Fernando Pessoa Club

"How many times have I too, who laugh at such seductive distractions, find myself conjecturing how wonderful it would be to be famous, how pleasant to be fussed over, how exciting to be triumphant." Fernando Pessoa

The raw, stark desolation of Pessoa's views and thoughts take the reader to a state close to serious introspection. On stage, Societat Doctor Alonso creates a humoristic tone which emphasises the incredible capacity of Pessoa, in order to describe and reveal the great absurdity which envelops our existence.

This is a world of person-personalities who find in Pessoa the perfect refuge through which to interpret the often hostile and incomprehensible world in which we live. The characters are several solitary souls who find solace together having discovered their own private space in this small, desolate yet somewhat absurd fan club.

Director and playwright: Tomàs Aragay
Performers: Sofía Asencio, Mia Esteve, Ramón Giró and Luis Carlos Viejo.
Sound technician: Nilo Gallego
Stage design and lighting:
Production: Imma Bobé

Co-produced by the Free Theatre Societat Doctor Alonso and the Cultural Council of Ferrol, for the Free Radicals Cycle.
With the support of the ConCA-Department of Culture of the Catalan Government and the INAEM.
With the participation of Sant Mori Town Council and Pontós Town Council.

La Glorieta


La glorieta (Creative laboratory)

Small Glory.

A meeting of different out of order artists to trace a commune map without the requirement to focus all their different interests in the same way.

We are there to mix all our languages, practices and tools to start working, to loss ourselves, and from there look at reality again.

La glorieta becomes then an observatory. A group of artists observing and blindly describing what they don not see. It is a tool that allows us to re look at reality, to activate a personal and singular eye.

To look at what we already do not see any more, that it presents every day in front of us like a plain and insignificant frame. To reactivate our observation, a decisive one, critic in front of reality and in front of oneself.

It is a oblique strategy to look for the peripheral , the revel phantoms and a deconstruction our position of power in the creation process.

With: Tomás Aragay, Sofía Asencio, Chus Dominguez, Espe López, Idoia Zabaleta y artistas invitados.

A coproducctión with Azala espacio de creación escénica, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vitoria Artium, CCCEscorxador de Elche, Centro de las Artes de Sevilla-Endanza y El Matadero de Madrid.
with the suport of: CoNCA (Generalitat de Catalunya), INAEM, Institu Ramon Llull (IRLL).



Caldo Primordial


Caldo primordial is an artistic action in a specific space. Abstract. Not narrative.
Length: 30 min

Idea: Tomàs Aragay and Sofía Asencio
Creation and performance: Sofía Asencio, Ramón Giró
Production: Sònia Isart
Commissioned by La Porta for the context of LP'11

With the support of the CONCA and the INAEM.


Volume II

One of the main goals of the company led by Tomàs Aragay and Sofía Asencio is to occupy the stage in an ever-different manner. The company use the idea of a dance floor with a strange DJ, a woman dancing and several poetic accidents - in order to reveal the least spectacular of all: the poetry of the pathetic.

Co-produced by: Teatre Lliure, Societat Doctor Alonso and EADC
Director: Tomàs Aragay / Playwright Tomàs Aragay and Sofia Asencio / Stage design and lighting CUBE/ Sound technician Nilo Gallego.
Performers: Sofía Asencio / Nilo Gallego
Management and production design: Elena de la Vara / Assistant Producer Ariadna Cisquella
Distribution: Iva Horvat,
With the participation of Nau Coclea, La Mercè Cultural Centre of Girona and Pontós Town Council.
Thanks to Segi Faüstino
With the support of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government (EADC) and the INAEM - Ministry of Culture.

Portraits, or If I were

Portraits, or If I were is a series of body portraits seen through the body of a dancer. It is an appropriation of the body of another, of identity expressed in bodily movement. An anthropological work of the movements of bodies of nameless people from around the world. A choreography, a ritualisation of particular and non-transferable movement.

"However, beyond this first layer of objective observation of the portrayed being, Portraits, or If I were, is also an exercise in science fiction, in which there is, on the one hand, the space, the objects and the life of the woman portrayed, and on the other, a foreign body, my own, which it replaces.
Portraits was created from the desire to be another person, to have another body and another life.
Finally, on speaking about others I speak about myself.
This perversion is the tension which sustains each portrait."

Sofia Asencio

A project by Societat Doctor Alonso. Tomàs Aragay / Sofía Asencio.
Performer: Sofía Asencio.
Creation: Ivó Vinuesa, Alex Reynolds, Tomàs Aragay.
Frames and image support:
Editing: Ivó Vinuesa, Sofía Asencio.
Production: Agnès Mateus and Sònia Isart.

Portraits, or If I were is co-produced by the Cervantes Institute and the Ramon Llull Institute.
With the participation of: Motus (Czech Republic), Dança em Foco (Brazil), Zawirowania (Warsaw), Maqamat (The Lebanon), Nau Coclea (Catalonia), La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain), LP (Catalonia) and Festival Panorama (Olot, Spain).
Thanks to Concha and Jose,  Mai and Elham, Laia, Margarita, Marcela yiTuigui, Marjorie and the students of the creative writing class of the La Salle University of Manila, Katerina and Irka , Ola and to everyone who made this project possible.
Societat Doctor Alonso received the support of Girona Provincial Government, the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government and the INAEM.

El Traspiés de Luisa (Luisa's Mistakes)

Societat Doctor Alonso has produced a performance which deals with error. Sofia Asencio proposes that the three dancers and the actress in the play, Idurre Azkue, Iva Horvat and Mia Esteve, form a pop group. They do not know how to play and they only have two months in which to learn. However, they decide to accept the proposal and experience the processes involved in error. It appears to be a success, but it might be a mistake - although if it is a mistake, it will be a success. The only way out is to show the process as it is, with the performance of "El Traspiés de Luisa".
The first part is a documentary and a rehearsal.
The second part is a concert by the group - "Las Luisa".

Director: Sofia Asencio.
Playwrights: Tomas Aragay and Sofía Asencio
Musical-philosophical assessment: Oscar Abril Ascaso
Performers: Mía Esteve, Iva Horvat, Idurre Azkue and Sofia Asencio
Music teacher: Barbara Van Hoestenberghe
Physical preparation: Sofía Asencio
Stage design and lighting:
Wardrobe: Societat Doctor Alonso
Executive Producer: Elena De La Vara
Distribution: Marta Oliveres Management, M.O.M

A performance co-produced by Societat Doctor Alonso, Mercat de les Flors and La Friche Belle de Mai (Marseilles).
With the participation of La Mercè Cultural Centre of Girona.
With the support of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government (EADC) and the INAEM - Ministry of Culture

Santa Sofía, el solo de una ignorante

(Saint Sophie, the Solo of an Ignoramus)

Santa Sofia deals with the theme of sacrifice. There is no sacrifice without a body. Pain is the messenger which places us in a real present; only through pain is transcendence possible. Our bodies are arrogant and need to be beaten to lose mental control and enter a new body.
I want to speak about this new body, yet to do this I need to face up to my own limitations.
I want to speak in another way about enjoying one's body, about a transcendence which allows us to enjoy it without the suffocating and rational presence of the mind.
Yet all of this is nothing but words.
The character who lives alone, I mean myself, is someone ignorant, someone who still believes in mysteries.
I propose a study of the mysteries of the saints, and then see what happens.

Sofía Asencio.

Idea and playwrights: Sofía Asencio,Tomàs Aragay
Director: Tomas Aragay
Creation and performance: Sofia Asencio
Stage design and lighting: CUBE
Wardrobe for Saint Sophie: Mònica Bertran
Wardrobe: Societat Doctor Alonso
Produced by: Societat Doctor Alonso

Co-produced by Societat Doctor Alonso, Bitó-Temporada Alta and The Dance Area of the Catalan Government
With the participation of Sant Mori Town Council.

On death

On death is performed by seven children between five and twelve years of age, who are pupils from the village schools of Ventalló, Camallera and Celrà in the Alt Empordà region in the province of Girona.

This is a performance where the children speak out on the great questions and dilemmas which form part of Western society at the beginning of the 21st century. It is a song of life, one of ingenuity and tenderness, a mirror which ironically reflects the absurd complexity of our existence in the West. Speaking in a simple, clear manner, as children do; on cruelty, on violence, on politics, war and loneliness, through a discourse constructed using the children themselves as a basis for improvisations, in a space which reminds spectators of the circus, which creates a place for games and where the proximity of the audience is an essential factor.

Director: Tomàs Aragay
Playwright: Sofía Asencio, Tomàs Aragay
Choreography: Sofía Asencio
Performers: Patricia Ayuste, Lidia Ayuste, Jan Cabarrocas, Xènia Costa, Clara Farrés, Eduard Paredes, Zaïra Ros, Mar Vallès
Audiovisual creation: Ivó Vinuesa
Wardrobe: Societat Doctor Alonso
Stage design and lighting: CUBE
Sound: Marc Ases
Production: Elena de la Vara

Co-produced by the Barcelona GREC Festival and Societat Doctor Alonso
with the participation of Sant Mori Town Council (Girona)
With the support of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government (EADC) and the INAEM - Ministry of Culture

Shopping bread

Shopping bread involves a male and female couple who have lived together for years. One day they go out together to buy bread. Using this basis, the performance opens up poetic windows which allow the audience to glimpse the hidden reality of their relationship.
Shopping bread focuses on small, everyday details which are seen in a humorous and paradoxical light which hides an inevitable tragedy beneath it.

Director: Tomàs Aragay
Creation and interpretation: Sofía Asencio and François Forêt
Original, live music: Nilo Gallego
Stage design and lighting:
Production and distribution: Estefania Benages

Co-produced by the Espai de Dansa and Societat Doctor Alonso
with the participation of the Sant Mori Cultural Centre and the Theatre of Salt (Girona)

Tomorrow will be like today

14 Erotic Variations on Loneliness

Tomorrow will be like today is a performance which focuses on the strangeness in human behaviour; in the darkest and most unexplored depths of personal action. Two men and two women reveal hidden secrets to the audience.
A no-holds-barred performance, one which is apparently cold, yet filled with unexpected bursts of raw, naked and direct revelations, which allow us to discern the emotional seas, the darkest desires, and the strangest paths which lead to the discovery of others and ourselves; a performance which reveals the proximity between the sublime and the pathetic, the sad and the banal, the serious and the ridiculous in our daily behaviour.

Tomorrow will be like today, is a picture in permanent motion, an uninterrupted choreography, a series of photographs of daily life which are distorted by strange paths in order to show "another reality", revealing that which hides behind appearance.

Director: Tomàs Aragay
Creation and interpretation: Sofía Asencio, Idurre Azkue, Xavi Estrada and François Forêt
Original, live music: Joan Saura
Stage design and lighting: Tomàs Aragay & CUBE,bz
Wardrobe: Doctor Alonso
Physical preparation: Iva Horvat
Production: Agnès Mateus

Co-produced with the Mercat de les Flors and the Choreographic Centre of Rennes (France).
With the participation of Sabadell City Council (Spain).