Societat Doctor Alonso





On Beauty

A group of eight, nameless people, accompanied by the piano of Agustí Fernández; in a delicate, silent and fragile work, occupy the stage with their time-worn bodies, with gestures and gazes, filled with the beauty granted by the passage of time.

A piece where music and action seek out the beauty hidden behind silence, a beauty free from virtuosity.

Original idea and director: Tomàs Aragay
Musical composition and performance: Agustí Fernández
Assistant Director: Sofia Asencio
Performance and creation: Agustí Álvarez, Salvador Buisan, Ubelsa Gutiérrez , Joan Muntaner, Gloria Virginia Pantoja,
Josep Rodríguez, Neus Solé
Stage design and lighting: CUBE
Sound Technician: Ferran Conangla
Wardrobe: Societat Doctor Alonso
Assistant Producer: Marga Socies
Executive production and management: Estefania Benages

Co-produced by Théâtre Archipel de Perpignan and the Barcelona Grec Summer Festival and Societat Doctor Alonso
With the participation of the Free Theatre Foundation -Barcelona Public Theatre