Societat Doctor Alonso





Andrei Rublev, a paniconografy

This work wants to generate a repertoire of iconographies of the human body, and at the same time to work with the sound and the scenery like symbols of the scenery. Andrei Rublev takes as a starting point and a title the movie of Andrei Tarkovsky rolled in 1966, where the painter iconoclast Andrei Rublev (1360 - 1427) realizes a long trip in the medieval Russia to paint the fresh air of the cathedral of the Asunción of the Kremlin. The work of the singular painter, with its only iconographic style, provokes in the spectator an impact and interior withdrawal due to the use of the inverted perspective, which speaks to us about the art not like a portrait of the reality but like a reality between the realities.

Artistic team

Direction: Tomas Aragay

Dramaturgy: Sofía Asencio and Tomas Aragay 

choreographs: Sofia Asencio

Creation and interpretation: Sofia Asencio and Nazario Díaz

Scenic space and lighting: CUBE. SZ

Production: Imma Bobé

Spectacle coproduced by festival Temporada Alta and Alt Festival of Vigo.

Societat Doctor Alonso receives grants from ICEC  and the INAEM.