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Y los huesos hablaron


The work "Y los huesos hablaron "1 comes form the willingness to unearth and revisiting two historical con icts that its narrators have wanted to keep invisible on behalf of an alleged stability that had to allow a new socio-political and cultural situation to be born.
It will cope with such hidden con icts that despite the e orts of the society and the establishment to keep them invisible remain at the base of most political and social tensions in both countries today.
The cases of Spain and its civil war, with all the disappeared still to be exhume and recognize in the gutters of the country, and Mexico, with the long process of elimination and castration of the various indigenous cultures that were disappearing after a new single, unitary country called Mexico.
Bounds will talk to the audience. The voice of thouse who never had the voice to explain it's history, or the other site of History.
This piece is the result of an investigations process called; "El desenterrador2" that Societat Doctor Alonso have been developing the last two years.


Societat Doctor Alonso and Teatro de Babel
Sofía Asencio and Aurora Cano
Tomàs Aragay and Camila Villegas
Creation and interpretation
Nilo Gallego, Hipólito Patón, Ramon Giró and Lluc Baños
Special guest
René Pacheco (Associació per la Recuperació de la Memòria Històrica)
Lluc Baños
Societat Doctor Alonso
Ivo Vinuesa
Lighting Design
Sound design/concept
Nilo Gallego, Ernesto Anaya
Conceptual and philosophical advisors
Jordi Claramonte and Nicolás Alvarado
Imma Bové and Mariana Tejeda
Communication and distribution
Maja Cecuk / Societat Doctor Alonso (Spain) and Teatro de Babel (Mexico)