Societat Doctor Alonso






It is an experiment between kaos and order. Obviously the experience is not safe and is very complex, it could be summarized as "if you want silence you have to work it out," or "do what you want." This takeover is not easy. One from birth is linked to their circumstances and dependent on others to get things as vital as food or heat. We (SDA) also depend on the public theaters and governments to run our projects. This is a social interdependence, but neither the public nor the theaters or the governament become our bosses. The problem is that the government is made to command, to manage and govern our actions. Art is an homogeneous space to experiment or play with certain states, certain assumptions. We would like to take this piece to the spirit of live-art, where experimentation is the essential fact, not as an act but as an aesthetic fact, the act of going to theater. The public has the word, the noise and the silence. Each one is responsible. By the sound it will be clearthat the absence of sound and the absence of action is also a choice.

Direction: Sofia Asencio
Dramaturgy: Tomàs Aragay
choreographs: Sofia Asencio
Creation and interpretation: Semolina Tomic
Scenic space and lighting: CUBE
Sound technician: Marc Navarro
Production: Imma Bové
Communication and distribution: Tomàs Aragay

Spectacle coproduced by festival TNT - Terrassa Noves Tendències

In collaboration with Ajuntament de Bàscara and Antic Teatre