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Estudio para pandereta

"San Juan de la Cruz speaks in his couplets of an 'understand not understanding'.I leave home with Tirso and a tambourine. We seek an ecstasy of great contemplation, imitating the singing of certain birds, but we have no idea what those sounds we emit mean. We begin a journey that closes inwards. Just doing and saying from an iPad, a tambourine and some verses with us. We make ours the maxim of San Juan de la Cruz in Ascent to Mount Carmel where it says that 'To come to what you are not, you must go where you are not'.

In the autumn-winter of 2017 we started this work that relates dance and music with an incarnated mystic will. We consider the movement as a wandering around places with the intention that those signs that we emit are marked and transformed by the external accidents of the journey, sometimes intimate and other abrupt and invasive.

Tomàs Aragay
choreographs: Sofia Asencio
Creation and interpretation: Tirso Orive and Sofía Asencio
Art and design: Beatriz Lobo
Production: Imma Bové
Communication and distribution: Tomàs Aragay

Spectacle coproduced by Antic Teatre - Sismògraf - Fira Mediterrània

In collaboration with Ajuntament de Bàscara