Societat Doctor Alonso





Volume II

One of the main goals of the company led by Tomàs Aragay and Sofía Asencio is to occupy the stage in an ever-different manner. The company use the idea of a dance floor with a strange DJ, a woman dancing and several poetic accidents - in order to reveal the least spectacular of all: the poetry of the pathetic.

Co-produced by: Teatre Lliure, Societat Doctor Alonso and EADC
Director: Tomàs Aragay / Playwright Tomàs Aragay and Sofia Asencio / Stage design and lighting CUBE/ Sound technician Nilo Gallego.
Performers: Sofía Asencio / Nilo Gallego
Management and production design: Elena de la Vara / Assistant Producer Ariadna Cisquella
Distribution: Iva Horvat,
With the participation of Nau Coclea, La Mercè Cultural Centre of Girona and Pontós Town Council.
Thanks to Segi Faüstino
With the support of the Department of Culture of the Catalan Government (EADC) and the INAEM - Ministry of Culture.