Societat Doctor Alonso





Santa Sofía, el solo de una ignorante

(Saint Sophie, the Solo of an Ignoramus)

Santa Sofia deals with the theme of sacrifice. There is no sacrifice without a body. Pain is the messenger which places us in a real present; only through pain is transcendence possible. Our bodies are arrogant and need to be beaten to lose mental control and enter a new body.
I want to speak about this new body, yet to do this I need to face up to my own limitations.
I want to speak in another way about enjoying one's body, about a transcendence which allows us to enjoy it without the suffocating and rational presence of the mind.
Yet all of this is nothing but words.
The character who lives alone, I mean myself, is someone ignorant, someone who still believes in mysteries.
I propose a study of the mysteries of the saints, and then see what happens.

Sofía Asencio.

Idea and playwrights: Sofía Asencio,Tomàs Aragay
Director: Tomas Aragay
Creation and performance: Sofia Asencio
Stage design and lighting: CUBE
Wardrobe for Saint Sophie: Mònica Bertran
Wardrobe: Societat Doctor Alonso
Produced by: Societat Doctor Alonso

Co-produced by Societat Doctor Alonso, Bitó-Temporada Alta and The Dance Area of the Catalan Government
With the participation of Sant Mori Town Council.