Societat Doctor Alonso






We present Àcid in Pontós

Societat Doctor Alonso

Acid Folclórico

Saturday 13th November
At the Sòcial and Cultural espace at Pontós

Àcid folklòric is co-produced by the Temporada Alta Festival, the Párraga Centre of Murcia, The Mediterranean Fair of Manresa, the Ésdansa Festival, the Mercat de les Flors and the CCC l'Escorxador d'Elx.
With the support of the CONCA and the INAEM.


Appointments with the scene

30 October. Talk with Idoia Zabaleta in the Appointments with the scene, organized by Isabel de Naveran, BAD Festival of Bilbao

The last years the Appointments with the scene work like place of reflection and debate around diverse subjects that articulate the contemporary scene. This year the purpose of the meetings is to deepen in the work of some present artists in the festival through public conversations. To coordinate these conversations will have professional of different fields that will stimulate questions and axes of discussion.