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new project


This is a research project around body and words.
An investigation carried out by a multidisciplinary team, which will be implemented in a number of residences and workshops in different parts of Spain and South America.
Ending the process in the creation and premiere of stage piece.

"THE UNDERGRAVERDIGGER" wants to look at the words, its corpología and its relation to the body and action.

As the name suggests we will undergrave words in a real and figurative sense. That is, we will work with obsolete words, words whose meaning has changed and taboo words.

The corpología of words is that property which have not only to create and point the physical world, but to generate an ethical world, political system and social order.

This project focus into the close and changing relationship that occurs between words and their use, and the actions that flow from them.
A two directions relationship that gives meaning and body to our way of inhabiting the world.

In these times when it seems that the language tends to a simplification, to sintetize (via technology) and a certain globalization we want to stop and watch this process carefully to observe and try to understand these processes and their impact on our bodies and our acts.

A project that will be developed during 2013/14 in three distinct phases. First collection of words about the need to investigate. In a second stage the meetings, workshops, in different contexts, to investigate and generate plots of body and verbal speech. Finally the creation of a performance piece to collect and share with the public all the materials captured and created throughout this work process.

This project will be developed with: Jordi Claramonte, Jaime Conde Zalazar, Barbara Sanchez and Silvia Zayas.




22 to 26 -- april

LEAL.LAV La Laguna. Tenerife


The action as a pragmatic principle

Regarding the action, not speculation.

Where the principle reduces truth to the practical.

This way of thinking could lead to an utilitary and interested use of action. The utility can be an end in itself? Or is one tool that allows me to give sense to my actions?

We will put the attention on what to do, not seeking what for.
Addressing decision making as an individual and positioning question.

How to understand utility without thinking the "for what"?

We will work with very short sentences.
With actions coming from verbs that do not need supplements, or better, to whom we amputate its complement.

    I'm eating (intransitive)
    I go (out)
    Paul broke (the TV)
    Rosa enjoys (dancing)

And we'll observe what happens.